committed to building stronger communities together

Chevron employee volunteering with students at a school
At Chevron Canada, we’re committed to building stronger communities together. In the areas where we live and work, we value the contributions we make through partnerships and investments to help our communities thrive and prosper. Being a good neighbor and partner is at the core of our values. To us, that means working together with community members and rightsholders to understand the local needs, and together create sustainable, meaningful opportunities that will positively impact current and future generations.

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empowering people

Building stronger communities means helping equip people for long-term resiliency and sustainable success. At Chevron Canada, we work together with stakeholders and rightsholders to understand local needs and support impactful initiatives that promote the health, well-being and safety of people and communities where we operate.

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advancing environmental stewardship

Caring for the environment while providing the energy the world needs takes commitment supported by partnerships and investment. Chevron Canada supports opportunities to learn about and care for the natural environment and initiatives related to advancing environmental stewardship and progressing a lower carbon future.

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creating prosperity

At Chevron Canada, we believe the world needs curiosity, imagination and ingenuity to find innovative solutions to challenging problems to improve society. We aim to ignite and inspire new possibilities by equipping the next generation of problem solvers with skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math to support tomorrows future leaders, build stronger communities and enable a more prosperous future.

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