shale and tight

poised for growth in the kaybob duvernay

Aerial photo of a drilling rig in the Kaybob region of Alberta

Chevron Canada is unlocking the potential of the Duvernay resource play in the Kaybob region, approximately 260 kilometres northwest of Edmonton, Alberta. This unconventional, liquids-rich formation provides access to Canadian condensate and natural gas liquids.

Referred to as a source rock, the Duvernay holds hydrocarbons in small, pressurized pores within the formation at a depth up to 4,000 metres. Through safe and proven horizontal drilling and multi-stage hydraulic fracturing technologies, together with industry best practices and regulations, we are responsibly developing and producing these resources across our 245,000 net acres.

Illustration of a horizontal drilling rig

>250 wells

to be drilled and completed in the East Kaybob area
Illustration of 3 oil barrels

17,500 barrels

Chevron Canada’s average net daily production of condensate and natural gas liquids in 2022
Illustration of a pipeline

126 million cubic feet

per day Chevron Canada’s net of natural gas from the field in 2022

Chevron Canada has a premier position in the Duvernay play. As an area that’s poised for growth, we are deploying innovative technologies to improve production efficiency and environmental performance, while also leveraging long-term infrastructure development.

Throughout our long history in the Fox Creek area, our engagement with industry and community partners and rightsholders has been important. We strive to be an employer and partner of choice, listening to understand concerns, and operating with excellence.

Chevron Canada Unconventional Partnership has a 70 percent owned and operated interest in the 340,000 gross acres of the asset. KUFPEC Canada Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company, holds a 30 percent nonoperated interest in Chevron Canada’s Duvernay leaseholdings.