our history

85 years in Canada

Photos of Chevron employees and assets over the last 8 decades

In 1938, a small field party from the Standard Oil Company of California arrived in southern Alberta on a quest to find oil in this largely unexplored frontier region.

From this modest beginning arose Chevron Canada, a pioneering company whose people have made numerous large-scale oil and gas discoveries, contributed in many important ways to the technological advancement of our industry, supported the economic progress and prosperity of Canada through more than 1.6 billion barrels of legacy production, and have built stronger communities together.

Throughout our history, we have changed as the world’s energy needs have evolved. We believe the future of energy is lower carbon. That’s why we are leveraging our strengths to reduce the carbon intensity of our traditional operations, while exploring new lower carbon businesses in renewable fuels, hydrogen, carbon capture, offsets and other emerging technologies.

Over our 85-year history, we have strived to be a partner and neighbour of choice, investing in communities where we live and operate across Canada. Together with our partners, we have worked to find long-term, sustainable programs that support the prosperity, people and environment to build stronger communities together.

We take great pride in providing the affordable, reliable, ever-cleaner energy needed to improve lives in Canada and power the world forward.