supplier opportunities in Canada

Chevron employees and local contractors in Kitimat, British Columbia

Investing in our suppliers and contractors helps foster local economic development and meet our business needs around the world.

Globally, Chevron has a commitment to including local suppliers in our supplier base. We achieve this through national and local supplier programs appropriate to each country and location.

Chevron Canada works hard to ensure that opportunities for local and Indigenous suppliers and contractors are realized.

commitment to working with local industry

With all our projects, we always consider — and where possible give preference to — the use of Canadian labour, services and materials when price, quality, delivery and service are equal to or better than other alternatives. Our approach fosters local economic growth, providing value to the business unit and the communities in which we operate through the utilization and development of local and Indigenous businesses.

We work constructively with Canadian industry to provide information and facilitate briefings as appropriate to ensure local suppliers and contractors are fully aware of potential opportunities within Chevron Canada.

becoming a supplier

When sourcing high-quality goods and services, we value companies with the following qualities:

  • Excellent health, environment and safety record
  • Cost efficiency
  • Financial viability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customer focus
  • Innovative business solutions
  • Local and Indigenous content