news chevron Canada announces construction of
kaybob duvernay office

Together with members from the Town of Fox Creek and community partners, Chevron Canada on June 26 announced the development of a new Kaybob Duvernay office in Fox Creek, Alberta.

Chevron Canada leadership team and Fox Creek officials at the office ground breaking

On June 26, Chevron Canada’s leadership team along with members from the Town of Fox Creek commemorated the groundbreaking of a new office development.

“As a part of our long-term strategy for our Kaybob Duvernay asset, we are following through on our decision to create a permanent office location in Fox Creek,” said Frank Cassulo, president, Chevron Canada.

“Now that we are moving forward with development of our industry-leading position in the Duvernay, it’s important for us to have a facility that fully meets our needs near our operations.”

 The Chevron Canada office will be situated on a nine-acre parcel in the Fox Creek Iosegun Business Park. Construction is scheduled to begin in late 2019, with completion targeted for year-end 2020.

The development will include a two-storey office building, parking lot and storage yard. The building will support the needs of approximately 60 employees and contractors. 

Chevron Canada President, Frank Cassulo and Fox Creek Mayor, Jim Hailes at office ground breaking

Chevron Canada President Frank Cassulo (left) and Town of Fox Creek Mayor Jim Hailes (right) mark the spot where construction will begin on Chevron’s Kaybob Duvernay office.

“Your reinvestment in the area with the development of the Duvernay is most welcome, as Chevron has always been a great corporate partner; your community investment can be seen in almost every aspect of the town,” said Town of Fox Creek Mayor Jim Hailes.

“The establishment of this permanent new home in Fox Creek sends a message of your commitment to the area not only to our residents but to developers and other investors.” 

To commemorate the milestone, Chevron Canada held a groundbreaking ceremony at the site followed by a community barbecue at the Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex, home of the Chevron Aquatic Centre.

“We have always valued the community of Fox Creek and how we’ve worked together throughout the years,” said Cassulo. “At Chevron, we believe that strong communities benefit everyone. We want to continue to build a strong community together, both as a good corporate partner and a neighbour.”

Fox Creek residents enjoying a BBQ at the Green View Multiplex

A community barbecue was held at the Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex to celebrate the occasion. The celebration included free admission to the facility, which includes the Chevron Aquatic Centre.

Darcy Pierce giving out towels to Fox Creek residents at the Greenview Multiplex

Chevron Canada has always been proud of its long history in Fox Creek, which dates back over 50 years. After a brief exit from the region in 2004, Chevron commenced an exploration program in the Kaybob Duvernay region in 2011. Following a drilling appraisal program in 2014, Chevron announced in late 2017 plans to move into development.

Chevron Canada continues to take a phased, scalable approach to its development in the region.