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Learn about Chevron’s involvement in the communities of Fox Creek and Whitecourt, featuring community members and Chevron employees sharing their experiences about working together.

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Chevron Canada announces construction of Kaybob Duvernay office

Together with members from the Town of Fox Creek and community partners, Chevron Canada on June 26 announced the development of a new Kaybob Duvernay office in Fox Creek, Alberta.

The Chevron Canada office will be situated on a nine-acre parcel in the Fox Creek Iosegun Business Park. Construction is scheduled to begin in late 2019, with completion targeted for year-end 2020.

The development will include a two-storey office building, parking lot and storage yard. The building will support the needs of approximately 60 employees and contractors. 

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The community of Fox Creek celebrated the official opening of its world-class multiplex facility on February 23, complete with an arena, fieldhouse, workspace and the Chevron Aquatic Centre.

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We are proud to be supporting several community organizations whose efforts are benefiting residents of the town of Fox Creek.

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Chevron Canada completes hydraulic fracturing operations on 2-21

In late 2018, Chevron Canada received regulatory approval on site 2-21 and successfully drilled two wells. In May 2019, Chevron Canada safely and successfully completed hydraulic fracturing operations on both wells. No seismic events above magnitude 0.0 ML were detected throughout the operations.

Chevron used enhanced seismic monitoring throughout its hydraulic fracturing operations (also referred to as completions) at site 2-21. This included a dense array of monitors on site to increase the range of detectible sensitivity. The regional Nanometrics Duvernay Subscription Array system operated in parallel to Chevron’s operations, as did the Alberta Energy Regulator’s Alberta Geological Survey monitoring which included the FOXCA station. These systems did not detect any seismic events during our operations.

Seismic data is available through the Alberta Energy Regulator. Click here to view the Station Waveform Data (Select station FOXCA).

As regulated by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), all hydraulic fracturing operations are monitored for seismic activity. A protocol is in place to report if seismic events exceed thresholds defined by the Sub Surface Order No. 2. Visit the AER website for more information about hydraulic fracturing and seismic activity, as well as how it’s regulated in Alberta:

The next step in Chevron Canada’s proposed development plan for the site is to a submit the second of three development permit applications. If approved, Chevron Canada will drill and complete six wells in 2021.

Chevron Canada continues to take a phased approach in developing this area to demonstrate to Fox Creek residents that we can drill and complete wells safely and with no adverse impacts on the community.

Aerial photo of the Chevron 02-21-62-19 pad near Fox Creek, AB

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Chevron received regulatory approval for the 2-21 site in September 2018, and commenced lease construction September 19, 2018.  Chevron plans to drill the initial two wells in December 2018.

On February 26, 2018, Chevron Canada provided a business update to Fox Creek Town Council on the company’s Kaybob Duvernay Program. A key focus was Chevron Canada’s plan to relocate the proposed 06-21-62-19 well pad to a new location farther from Fox Creek. The new location, known as site 02-21-62-19, is 1.63 km south of Fox Creek. This compares to the former 06-21-62-19 well pad, which would have been situated 1.25 km south of Fox Creek.

Here is a brief overview of the proposed development plan for the 02-21-62-19 well pad:

  • The 02-21-62-19 well pad was selected after a thorough research and assessment process, including feedback received from Fox Creek Town Council and area residents.
  • The pad is situated the farthest distance possible from Fox Creek while still allowing Chevron to retain its mineral rights on six sections of land in proximity to the pad location.
  • We plan to take a phased approach to developing the pad so that we can demonstrate to Fox Creek residents that we can drill and complete the wells safely and with no adverse impacts on the community.
  • The pad will be designed for up to 12 wells in total, and it is expected that this pad will be fully completed by approximately 2022. It is anticipated two wells will be drilled and completed in the first phase in 2018, followed by six wells in 2019-2020, and another four wells in 2021-2022. 

Please find the Chevron Canada well license application (#1908517) for surface location 2-21-62-19-W5 posted on the AER website.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Satellite map of the 06-21-62-19 well location

As previously communicated, Chevron Canada has been seeking a land tenure extension to retain expiring mineral rights near Fox Creek, AB. 

On January 2, 2018, Chevron Canada was notified by Alberta Energy that our company’s request for a land tenure extension in proximity to the proposed 06-21-62-19 W5 well pad was not granted. As a result, Chevron Canada will present a revised plan to retain the mineral rights at the February 26th, 2018 Fox Creek Town Council meeting.

The public will be able to view the proposed plan on this page following the February 26 town council meeting. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Calgary, Alberta, Nov. 6, 2017 – Chevron Canada Limited (Chevron) announced today it is moving into development on a portion of its leaseholdings in the Kaybob Duvernay area of west-central Alberta. The decision follows a successful three-year appraisal program by Chevron.

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Land map of the Chevron acreage in the east Kaybob area

Chevron Canada will be seeking approval from the Alberta Energy Regulator to conduct drilling and completions operations on the 06-21-62-19 W5 well pad, located approximately 1.25 km south of Fox Creek. If approved by the Alberta Energy Regulator, lease construction would begin in September 2017, with drilling scheduled for August 2018 and completions operations following later in 2018. 

Chevron values the feedback it has received from Fox Creek residents on the proposed pad and is taking forward a revised program and schedule that seeks to retain our mineral rights in the area while addressing community concerns.

Key changes to the proposed program include:

  • We have reduced the initial number of wells from six to two;
  • We have repositioned the initial well drill paths entirely outside of the town limits of Fox Creek;
  • We have deferred drilling and completions operations until the second half of 2018 -- the latest time period possible that still allows us to meet land tenure obligations; and,
  • We are continuing efforts to obtain a land tenure extension for this pad, and will defer drilling and completions operations if we receive that extension.  

Letter to Fox Creek Town Council

D56 Notification letter to Fox  Creek Town Council

D56 Notification letter to MD of Greenview

Revised map

Chevron looks forward to providing further information to residents on our proposed program and in conducting safe and incident-free operations with no adverse impacts on the community. For more information, please contact us at

Chevron Canada holds an industry-leading position in the Kaybob area of the Duvernay formation in west-central Alberta. We are currently conducting an appraisal pad drilling program to evaluate well production rates and reservoir performance. As part of our appraisal program, Chevron is proposing a well pad 1.63 km south of Fox Creek.

The location for the proposed 02-21 well pad was chosen after a thorough research and assessment process. The site location utilizes existing access and right-of-ways, ensuring minimal disturbance to the environment. To ensure we are minimizing our impact on Fox Creek, we had a third-party assess the potential noise impacts of this project. The assessment concluded that drilling and completions noise from the proposed site is expected to be below the existing ambient noise from Highway 43.

Chevron is committed to protecting the health and safety of the public, our employees and contractors, and the environment. All operations on the proposed pad will be conducted in accordance with good oilfield practices and in compliance with all applicable technical standards and regulations. To ensure ground water is protected, well control barriers have been confirmed for each phase of the operation; and subsurface hazards have been identified and mitigation tactics are in place.

In addition to our planning and assessment, the surface location for the proposed 6-21 well pad has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate regulatory agencies, including the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).

At this time, Chevron has not applied for the well permits for the proposed site.

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If you would like to get in touch with us about Chevron Canada’s operations in the Kaybob Duvernay area, please contact our office in Whitecourt.

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