feature celebrating 25 years of safe operations

Aerial photo of the Newfoundland Transshipment Limited facility

The Newfoundland Transshipment Limited (NTL) marine transshipment facility helps meet the world’s demand for ever-cleaner energy by transporting energy products from Atlantic Canada to all over the world.

Since the facility began operations in 1997, it has prioritized the most important thing—safety. Operating for over 9,000 days, equivalent to 1.24 million work hours, this facility has transferred over 3.4 billion barrels of crude oil, all without a single lost time injury.  

Chevron Canada holds a 30 percent nonoperated working interest in the facility and helps influence the culture of safety through representation on the Board of Directors. Mark Williams, Chevron Canada’s facilities team lead in Atlantic Canada and representative on the NLT’s Board of Directors, reflects on this milestone, sharing that “at Chevron, work is guided by the principle to do it safely or not at all. NTL shares this core value, working to ensure everyone goes home safely from work each day—safe transfer, safe berthing, and no slips on the ice! What an outstanding record.”

To celebrate 25 years of getting results the right way, the NTL Board of Directors, including Chevron Canada’s Mark Williams, presented a $25,000 CAD donation to the town of Arnold’s Cove. The donation will help fund a new fire truck, helping ensure the safety of the town and surrounding community.

a little bit of history

Construction of the NTL facility began in September 1997 to bring increased energy production from offshore Newfoundland and Labrador to the market. With a storage capacity of over three million barrels, the facility was more than ready when it received its first oil shipment in October 1998: an 846,000-barrel delivery from the Hibernia platform.  

To help bring Canadian energy products to global markets, three dedicated shuttle tankers transport oil from offshore fields, including the Hibernia and Hebron oilfields in which Chevron is a joint venture partner, to the Newfoundland Transshipment Limited facility. ‘Second leg’ tankers then take over, ensuring the safe delivery of oil to both domestic and international markets.