feature chevron partnership with calgary flames positively impacts more than 40,000 students


With the puck ready to drop on another exciting season of Calgary Flames hockey, Chevron Canada and the Flames Foundation are once again inviting fans to participate in two great youth-oriented programs tied to their favorite NHL team.

Chevron and the Flames Foundation are proud to co-sponsor Club Flames, the official kids club of the Calgary Flames, as well as the Flames @ School Program, which aims to make Calgary youth the healthiest in North America.

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Since Chevron Canada’s involvement in 2014, both programs have been on a remarkable winning streak, positively impacting tens of thousands of people across southern Alberta and beyond.

"The most successful piece from my perspective has been the high level of engagement by families, parents and educators in the two programs, all of which supports healthy lifestyle goals and connects the Flames' littlest fans with the team in a really unique way," said Lorelei Piotto, social performance team lead for Chevron Canada.

Candice Goudie, executive director of the Calgary Flames Foundation, said exciting new content has been added to the Flames @ School Program this year in the areas of language arts, emerging readers and health and wellness. The program provides teachers with classroom-ready lesson plans developed specifically for elementary school students.

"We continue to look for unique ways to give youth the chance to be a part of our team. We are also committed to educating, inspiring and motivating students and youth to live a healthy life, to play, to move and to learn," said Goudie.

"We hope we can use the Calgary Flames and Calgary Flames players as role models to facilitate this for classrooms, with the unique content provided with the Flames @ School Program. We couldn’t ask for a better partner to do this than with Chevron Canada."

flames @ school program

The Flames @ School Program has now reached more than 40,000 students and 700 teachers in Calgary and area. The online program provide parents and teachers with access to a variety of free resources – everything from exercise programs featuring Flames players, to player-based motivational posters, fun facts and games.

club flames

More than 1,200 families are registered members of Club Flames, and the free Club Flames app has been downloaded more than 10,000 times. Through the app, users can design their own Flames' fan avatar, create their own hockey card, play trivia games including 'Chevron’s Science of Hockey', earn badges and get cool information on their favorite players and updates on upcoming games, among other things. Club Flames members receive special discounts and promotions throughout the season.

The Flames kick off their regular season on October 12th against the Edmonton Oilers.