local and Indigenous implementation plan (LIIP) reporting

Chevron Canada is committed to supporting local and Indigenous businesses, so they can fully participate in opportunities related to Chevron’s Kaybob Duvernay (KD) Program.

To support Chevron’s local and Indigenous content goals, contractors must report on the progress of their Local and Indigenous Implementation Plan (LIIP) as part of their contract with Chevron.

Chevron is committed to collaborating with Indigenous peoples and their communities to build long-term trusting and mutually beneficial relationships based on the values of inclusion, transparency, respect, and accountability. 

For questions and concerns regarding this matter, please contact: 

Edna Howard
Local and Indigenous Content Advisor


“Contract” means the agreement entered into between CHEVRON CANADA LIMITED and the Contractor for the provision of Work for the KD project.

“Indigenous Business” means a business enterprise that is legally registered in one of the Provinces or Territories in Canada where the Work is to be performed and is: (a) a corporation; (b) a sole proprietorship; (c) a limited company; (d) a co-operative; (e) a partnership; (f) a not-for-profit organization; or (g) a joint venture consisting of one or more Indigenous enterprise;  and the foregoing has at least 51 percent ownership and control by Indigenous Peoples. 

“Indigenous Peoples” means a person who would be recognized and affirmed under section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982, as a member of the Indian, Inuit and Metis Peoples of Canada;

“KD Proximal First Nations” means First Nation’s whose traditional territory CHEVRON CANADA LIMITED operates on, including Alexander First Nation, Alexis Nakota Sioux First Nation, Driftpile First Nation, Sucker Creek First Nation, Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation (Tier 1); Kapawe’no First Nation, Sawridge First Nation and Swan River First Nation (Tier 2);

“KD Proximal Local Business” means all businesses that are lawfully operating and registered in Alberta, have an operational base and remit invoices from an address within 100 km radius of Fox Creek, including the communities of Fox Creek, Edson, Valleyview and Whitecourt;

“Local and Indigenous Business” means any licensed business enterprise, which also may include an Indigenous Business, that has a business license to operate within the KD Proximal First Nation(s) traditional territory with work execution capability, which includes, without limitation, an office or an operations centre that enables the employment of KD Proximal Local Businesses and KD Proximal First Nations, and payment of business taxes in the KD Proximal Local Business area.   

“Local and Indigenous Content” means employment, training and subcontracting measures to support Local and Indigenous Businesses and Indigenous Businesses.  

“Work” means the provision of services and products as specified in the Contract.

privacy notice

Chevron Canada Limited is asking you to provide information about you for compliance of your Local and Indigenous Implementation Plan. The categories of information that we are asking for include sub-contracting, employment information and progress achievements. This information will not be shared with third parties.

You must provide this information in order for us to ensure alignment with our Local and Indigenous Content goals and compliance of your Local and Indigenous Plan.  You have the right to review and, if factually inaccurate, to correct the data held about your company. To exercise these rights, please email registrationteam@chevron.com.

Your information may be transferred to other countries, for the purposes listed above.  By providing this information, you are consenting to its transfer to countries outside of Canada.