ogunlana ajayi

automation & electrical supervisor

Ogunlana Ajayi, Electrical Engineer

what attracted you to the opportunities at chevron?

I joined Chevron right after I graduated from university several years ago, and there were two main reasons why I chose Chevron. The first was the Horizons Program, Chevron’s new-hire training program that provides our new graduates with comprehensive industry training, diverse job assignments, and a structured mentorship arrangement.

The second reason was Chevron’s work-life balance ideals. Hearing the employees in the Chevron recruitment team talk about how benefits such as the compressed work-week schedule helped them maintain healthy work and personal lives was a real testament to what working at Chevron would be like. These two factors convinced me that working for Chevron would be a great career opportunity, and they are two of the main reasons why I have stayed with the company.

how do you feel you are making a difference at chevron?

I feel I am making a difference at Chevron when I am able to make contributions that help keep our workplace incident an incident and injury free. Safety is always top priority at Chevron, and it has evolved into the number one priority in my personal life as well.

Chevron encourages its employees to work across functional boundaries, which has allowed me to get intimately involved with safety initiatives alongside our safety professionals.

I have had the opportunity to be a member of the Safety Leadership Team for a major international capital project, lead the planning and deployment of safety programs, and deliver safety awareness training. Staying actively involved in ensuring that everyone returns home safely each day is the most important difference I can make at Chevron.

how do the chevron values contribute to your work experience?

The Chevron value system empowers our employees to achieve results the right way, every time. One of the key principles that we stress at Chevron is that “There is always time to do it right.” This has defined my work experience at Chevron, as it leads to a collaborative, decision-driven work environment that is focused on attaining the best possible result the first time. Accordingly, this makes my work experience enjoyable because I know that I am expected to produce high-grade results reinforced by quality decisions, and that the individuals in my work teams are also focused on this common goal.

how does chevron support your career aspirations?

I am an individual who is always seeking new challenges and opportunities in the workplace that will enhance my skills as an engineer. One of the tools Chevron has that supports my ambitions is the Career Development Plan, or CDP. Each employee develops and maintains their own CDP, in which we outline our short-term (1 to 3 years) and long-term career aspirations. We also detail how we intend to accomplish these goals through avenues such as specific job assignments or training activities.

Our supervisors and mentors have an open dialog with us regarding our CDP on a regular basis, providing personalized guidance to help us work toward our goals. The CDP and associated processes here at Chevron have allowed me to obtain support and fresh ideas from management regarding my career aspirations, which has translated into dynamic job assignments in Canada and abroad, as well as targeted learning opportunities that have aligned with my interests and have proven to be value-added for the company.

describe your most professionally satisfying project or experience at chevron?

My most satisfying experience at Chevron thus far came when I had the privilege of going on an international expatriate assignment. I was assigned to a multi-functional project team based in Thailand that was responsible for the design and execution of major capital projects for Chevron Bangladesh.

My primary duties were to support a project that involved large-scale upgrades and expansions at Chevron’s biggest, most critical energy facility in Bangladesh. This project increased the capacity of this facility by 50 percent, which will have a significant long-term impact on both meeting the rising demand for energy in Bangladesh and reducing the nation’s reliance on imported natural gas.

As the sole Chevron electrical engineer on this project, I was directly responsible for managing the technical and business aspects of the front-end and detailed electrical project scope. This involved defining and approving all electrical deliverables, leading the specification and procurement of equipment, attending equipment factory acceptance testing, and supporting the installation and commissioning of all electrical systems. It was a truly rewarding experience.

in your experience, what distinguishes chevron from our competitors as a place to work?

The key differentiators that I believe set Chevron apart from our competitors as a place to work are our unwavering commitment to safety, and the way Chevron treats the people and communities that we work with and in. This safety culture has been consistent at every Chevron office and work site that I have visited.

Chevron also strives to establish strong, collaborative relationships with our partners built on integrity and trust. On countless occasions individuals and organizations have expressed to me how enjoyable it is to work with Chevron. They are excited to work with a company that they can trust, and one that is dedicated to achieving results the right way, every time. I have also witnessed firsthand how Chevron establishes programs that focus on improving the quality of life in the communities where we work, and I have had an opportunity to volunteer with a few of these programs here in Canada and internationally.

For me, these factors are what make Chevron stand out from the crowd, and are key reasons why Chevron is held in high regard by the people we work with and the communities where we operate across the globe.