michael field drilling engineer

Michael, Completions Field Engineer

what would you say makes our new graduate program (horizons) unique from other competitors?

The Horizons New Graduate program offered the perfect opportunity for me to develop my career aspirations. The program provides both functional and leadership training at Chevron’s training facility in Houston by subject matter experts in all disciplines.

As a completions engineer, I have taken courses from completions fundamentals and hydraulic fracturing to building leadership skills. The expansive list of courses has helped me sharpen my skills as I continue to develop my career as a professional engineer. Mentorship is another important facet of the Horizons Program. I was paired with a senior completions engineer who was able to provide me with insight and support.

Finally Horizons provides the opportunity to rotate between three positions in five years. Within the Drilling & Completions program, rotations range from operating in a different asset to a positional change. These rotations will help me develop an understanding of all the core areas of my discipline and broaden my areas of expertise. Collectively, these three aspects develop a strong foundation for me as I transition from an engineer-in-training to a valued professional.

how do you feel you are making a difference at chevron?

As a completion engineer, I’m making a difference at Chevron every day I’m on site by ensuring that our operations are running as per our planned program, safely and efficiently. By working alongside the completions, drilling and production team as well as our valued service providers, we continue to drive Chevron towards top-quartile performance in our operating area and to be the company most admired for its people, partnership and performance.

Outside of my direct responsibilities, I have also stepped up to the roles of team lead or coordinator for events launched through our People Making a Difference campaign and Calgary Corporate Challenge Committee. In addition, I’ve volunteered my efforts towards our campus recruitment to continue to bring new talent to the company.

how does chevron support your career aspirations?

Chevron supports my career aspirations by having the processes and people in place to further my career development. Open career development discussions with my supervisor, peers and mentors, coupled with Chevron’s global talent management information system, ensure that I can identify what I need to further my career as well as what I have to offer to the corporation. By understanding what my goals are, I can be tasked with projects, training and mentorship that will bring me one step closer to being where I want to be in the next year, five years or 10 years.

describe your most professionally satisfying project or experience at chevron?

As a field completions engineer, one of my core responsibilities is to execute the program designed by a planning engineer safely and efficiently. It was a professionally satisfying opportunity for me when I had the chance to plan a fracturing job for one of our previous wells. The project was challenging and there was a considerable amount of time and effort required to ensure that the most appropriate methodology was utilized, that risks and uncertainty were both identified and mitigated, and that we had the capability to execute the project as designed. By engaging the right people with diverse areas of expertise, we were able to successfully do so.

how would you describe the people at chevron?

Everyone at Chevron is unique and brings diverse skillsets and perspectives to our team. What unites the people at Chevron is The Chevron Way and the values we hold. These values are integrity, trust, diversity, ingenuity, partnership, protecting people and environment, and high performance. The people at Chevron display these values every day and are approachable both inside and outside of the workplace.

in your experience, what distinguishes chevron from our competitors as a place to work?

Chevron offers me a unique opportunity to develop my career through the Horizons Program. Through it I have had the opportunity to work alongside a diverse group of talented individuals, allowing me to continue to develop my capabilities every day. For me, this is what distinguishes Chevron as a great place to work.