gord manager, exploration

Gord, Team Lead, Exploration

what attracted you to the opportunities at chevron?

When I began my career, I was looking for a place where I could learn, be creative and contribute to success. These were all qualities that I quickly recognized were part of Chevron’s culture.

how do you feel you are making a difference at chevron?

Each day I am able to contribute to a dynamic and challenging business, and to share my experience with people learning about industry. It is particularly rewarding to jointly develop ideas with very talented people and then see them turn into reality.

how do the chevron values contribute to your work experience?

Chevron values are core to the way we approach and conduct our business. These are much more than words on a page; they are fundamental to who we are. Knowing that my colleagues operate under the same banner of integrity and trust is comforting and supportive.

how does chevron support your career aspirations?

As in many areas, trust is earned and I have appreciated the growth and responsibilities that Chevron has provided me throughout my career. Being able to test new ideas and to develop new initiatives has been very fulfilling. In addition, Chevron’s commitment to continuous learning has allowed me to enhance a diverse range of skills.

describe your most professionally satisfying project or experience at chevron?

Being involved with the early phase of Tengiz appraisal was extremely rewarding. The entire business was centrally located in the camp and the teams had a very integrated approach to all facets of the business. Most importantly, working with the Kazakh employees and experiencing their culture is something that I will always treasure.

in your experience, what distinguishes chevron from our competitors as a place to work?

Chevron’s values are lived out each day, the employees are highly respected globally by governments, industry, and the countries we work in, and our opportunities are world class. The people are the fabric of this culture and I am so pleased to be a part of it.