planning analyst

Alex - Jr. Geophysicist

what would you say makes our new graduate program (horizons) unique from other competitors?

I love the flexibility and comprehensive training it provides. Over the five-year program, I will experience three different roles, and in those roles I get to take relevant and useful courses for each job.

how do you feel you are making a difference at chevron?

By being part of a high-paced technical team. While I don’t influence every decision, I feel my ideas are helping to shape the team’s success.

how does chevron support your career aspirations?

My short-term and long-term aspirations are taken seriously. I know I am supported by Chevron day-to-day because my ideas are both listened to and acted upon. Long term, the structure of the company allows for open and honest conversations about what I want to do next that will add value to the business.

describe your most professionally satisfying project or experience at chevron?

My second and current geophysical role on the Kitimat Upstream team has been exceptionally rewarding because of the level of responsibility I have had. The opportunity to interpret a brand new seismic dataset has been very challenging because there is no template to follow, requiring me to integrate the geology and geophysics to better understand the play.

how would you describe the people at chevron?

I have had the pleasure to work with people who are exceptionally intelligent and open minded.

in your experience, what distinguishes chevron from our competitors as a place to work?

The opportunity to draw from and work with Chevron’s global earth science community is truly unique. Chevron has worldwide experts in every discipline who are very passionate about their field of expertise. All of them are only a phone call away.