environmental responsibility

protecting the environment is everyone’s job

River outside Kitimat BC

At Chevron Canada, we’re committed to minimizing our impact on the environment, and we believe that protecting the environment can go hand in hand with meeting the world's energy needs. At our existing operation in Kitimat, we are systematically implementing environmental performance standards to reduce emissions and discharges, to manage wastes and to conserve natural resources.

osprey nest relocation

osprey nest relocation

Watch the Kitimat LNG project team successfully relocate an osprey nest at the project industrial site to a new home nearby.

Kitimat LNG will be designed and built in a manner that reduces emissions, conserves natural resources, and minimizes potential environmental impacts. Chevron’s major LNG projects in Australia are recognized as some of the cleanest in the world. The similar engineering design and technologies that went into those projects are being incorporated into the proposed Kitimat LNG project.

kitimat industrial site: transformation proposal

kitimat industrial site: transformation proposal

Learn about early preparation work being conducted at the Kitimat LNG industrial site that will support the construction of the LNG terminal at Bish Cove. The site will include an equipment and material laydown area and employee accommodations for up to 3,000 workers.

operational excellence

How do we protect the environment and the communities around us while operating reliably and efficiently?

To meet these challenges, Chevron has spent more than 20 years expanding systems that support a culture of safety and environmental stewardship that strives to achieve world-class performance and prevent all incidents. We call this Operational Excellence (OE), and it drives everything we do. Our workforce truly believes that incidents are preventable, and we have policies, processes, tools and behavioral expectations in place to assist us in achieving that goal.