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Students using notebooks at the Chevron Open Minds Cross Conservation School

Chevron Canada’s flagship program, Chevron Open Minds, has been running for 25 years. Open Minds is an innovative, international award-winning learning program that provides a hands-on, out-of-classroom experience for students, focusing on observation, writing and critical-thinking skills. By stepping out of the classroom for a week of learning, students can slow down, develop critical thinking and observation skills and build confidence. Chevron supports five Open Minds sites in Alberta and one in Newfoundland and Labrador. To learn more, please visit: 

Cross Conservation Schools

Ann & Sandy
Cross Conservation Area,
Calgary, Alberta
site poster

Museum School

Glenbow Museum,
Calgary, Alberta
site poster

Heritage School

Fort McMurray Historical Society,
Fort McMurray, Alberta

Open Minds at The Rooms

The Rooms,
St. John's, Newfoundland
site poster

Science School

TELUS Spark,
Calgary, Alberta
site poster

Zoo School

Calgary Zoo,
Calgary, Alberta
site poster
celebrating 25 years

celebrating 25 years

Why Campus Calgary / Open Minds is an awesome way to learn.

timeline of our history

Doing together what we can't do alone

Timeline showing the growth of the Open Minds program over the last 25 years

Click the timeline to open a high resolution version.

why journal?

Open Minds uses journaling in its programs as a tool to help students stimulate curiosity and make sense of the world around them. By asking them to sketch and write about what they see, feel and imagine, they are encouraged to go beyond the obvious. This allows for emotional connections that cement their learning.

This type of experience asks children to observe and reflect on their surroundings. This inspires them to make careful observations and thoughtful interpretations – setting the stage for inquiry.

Learn more about why journaling is a valuable learning tool

celebrating 100,000 students

celebrating 100,000 students

On April 7 2016, the true impact of this program over the past two-plus decades came into sharp focus when the Campus Calgary/Open Minds (CC/OM) program celebrated an amazing milestone.

do it yourself

To celebrate 25 years of Campus Calgary/Open Minds programs, we have developed guides for parents and teachers to get out of the house or classroom. We encourage you to embark on your own journaling program with your children!

Download our journaling resources:

We’d love to see what you discover using these program guides. Please share your experience and learnings online using the hashtag #yycCCOM25 and join in our milestone conversation.

where to go

There are many ‘special spots’ around the city where children can observe and reflect. In our 25th year, we are encouraging you to get out to a Campus Calgary/Open Minds site and engage in immersive education.

Here is a list of exciting and educational locations in the city that you can visit:

  • Aero Space Museum
  • Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area
  • Bowness Park
  • Calgary Tower
  • Calgary Zoo 
  • Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame
  • Chinese Cultural Centre
  • Devonian Gardens
  • Elbow Valley Wetland
  • Glenbow Museum
  • Heritage Park
  • Inglewood Bird Sanctuary
  • Lougheed Park
  • National Music Centre
  • Nose Hill Park
  • Prince’s Island Park
  • Stampede Park 
  • TELUS Spark Science Centre

Want to learn more about Calgary while engaging in immersive learning? Here is a helpful guide to Calgary:

A Chevron Open Minds thank you card from the room 5 class at Killarney School