apply for a grant

request funding for your organization with a grant through our community investment program

Chevron Canada's areas of focus for community investment are people, prosperity and environment. Organizations must be a registered charitable organization or a registered non-profit society.

We consider requests that fall within our primary focus areas and are in geographic areas where we have a significant employee and business presence.

Examples of qualified organizations and programs would include:

  • Medical and health-based organizations
  • Education providers
  • Environmental and safety initiatives
  • Some cultural organizations
  • Skills and trades training
  • Youth leadership programs

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Examples of organizations and programs that would not qualify include:

  • Organizations discriminating on the basis of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation individuals
  • Religious or sectarian organizations
  • Political organizations or candidates
  • Advocacy, special interest or lobbying initiatives
  • Fraternities or sororities
  • Trips, tours or conferences
  • Third-party fundraiser
  • Programs delivered solely to communities outside of the geographic areas we operate

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applicants in british columbia

Please note: grant applications for within British Columbia are not accepted, due to Chevron Corporation’s 2021 exit from the Kitimat LNG Project.

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