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chevron's top priority will always be the health and safety of our workforce and the communities in which we operate

warning: be aware of vendor fraud!

Please be vigilant when reviewing and responding to requests to quote. A wire scam is currently ongoing that falsely represents Chevron Canada.

Please note:

  • All email communications from Chevron Canada will originate from an official Chevron email account: or If you are unsure if an email is valid, please confirm the transaction by reaching out to your known and trustworthy Chevron contact by phone.
  • Alternatively, you may be able to validate the legitimacy of an email by initiating a new email thread to a known and trusted Chevron contact or to
  • If you are a victim of a fraudulent scam, you’re encouraged to report the incident to your local law enforcement. We also recommend reporting email scams to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre toll-free at 1-888-495-8501 or at
  • For more information about current scams and how to protect yourself, visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website or the Competition Bureau of Canada and view The Little Black Book of Scams.

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SMART has arrived

SMART Source to Pay, also known as SMART S2P, brings together end-to-end procurement functionality — from strategic sourcing, spend management and vendor management to savings tracking, accounts payable and more — for both direct and indirect spend in a single, unified platform.

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frequently asked questions

A. Prior to accessing a Chevron site, all individuals must complete the pre-site access questionnaire daily using the Site Access Screening Tool. A temperature screen is required before entering a site. Workers at a Kaybob Duvernay site who fall into the category of high-risk group must complete a COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test before the start of their rotational shift. Refer to the COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Testing Notice for high-risk group definitions and testing policy. While on site, non-medical masks must be worn at all times. Physical distancing is required where possible. Frequent hand washing and proper hygiene is required.
A. Please note: A work from home order is in effect from the Alberta Government. Chevron Canada locations are currently restricting visitors from outside the company. Exceptions may be granted if face-to-face visitation is required and business critical. All visitors must complete the Site Access Screening (SAS) Tool prior to arriving a Chevron office. An on-site questionnaire is available for visitors who have not used the SAS Tool at a Chevron location. A temperature screen is required before entering a facility. Face coverings must be worn in all communal areas including hallways, washrooms, kitchen areas and meeting rooms. Length of meetings should be limited to less than an hour, if possible.
A. Where possible, workers should try to maintain a physical distance of two metres. When on site, a disposable non-medical mask should be worn at all times. If a worker chooses to wear PPE that provides a greater level of protection, like a KN95, or if their company has a higher standard, they are encouraged to follow that standard.
Scott Safety has advised they can provide masks with 1-3 weeks delivery. When a BP is not able to provide a mask, Chevron has ensured that sufficient quantities are available. The expectation is still that the BPs supply their own workforce, but Chevron can assist when possible. Full list of current mask suppliers.
A. The SAS tool is to be completed every day prior to departing home for the worksite. All workers are required to complete the SAS tool and visit a screening site, (if one is not already located on your site) prior to beginning work. The Central Screening Site location has been changed to the Timber Ridge Hotel Parking lot in Fox Creek (314 – 1st Avenue, Fox Creek, AB).
A. At present, there is no shortage of PPE for Alberta Health Services personnel. Private medical services may have a different approach or access to these resources, which may be communicated in social media. At this time, there are no known restrictions in place to prevent the acquisition of COVID-19 PPE in Alberta. Distributors in Alberta are served notice when they are part of the provincial supply chain to restrict where this equipment goes when resources are scarce. Alberta Health Services is encouraging the use of masks when performing tasks that require you to break social distancing. In fact, Alberta is procuring millions of masks to be used for the public on transit, in public buildings, etc. Chevron adheres to the highest ethical standards with regards to supporting local authorities COVID-19 response.
Both the N95 and P95 masks have an efficiency of 95% under NIOSH 42 CFR 84. The P rating refers to the filter’s ability to resist oil particulates. A P99 or P100 mask provides greater protection. All are required to be fit-tested if used in a non-voluntary application, as outlined in the CBU Mask Guidance. If a wearer chooses to wear a P95 over a disposable surgical mask, this is still considered involuntary usage and would meet the manufacturer's requirement for fit-testing. If the mask is not being worn as designed, the 95% efficiency rating of the mask is no longer valid. 3M uses OSHA and the CDC for guidance. Health Canada and AHS defer to the CDC as well during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for guidance around non-NIOSH mask authorizations.
A. The use of cloth re-usable masks is voluntary when not performing a task on a Chevron site. If a worker is performing a task for Chevron, they are required to use a disposable non-medical mask or N95/KN95 mask (or equivalent) as the task dictates. The risk with cloth masks is the handling, care and maintenance of them to ensure they maintain a protective factor and don't inadvertently expose others when not in use. They are suitable for travel in your own vehicle with others or interaction with the public in a non-Chevron venue.
A. Chevron SCM will work with Business Partners to aid in the procurement of adequate supplies of masks. When a BP is not able to provide a mask, Chevron has ensured that sufficient quantities are available. The expectation is still that BPs supply their own workforce, but Chevron can assist when possible.
A. Drivers hauling fluid for Ryder Logistics are still required to do the pre-access screening; however, they are not required to complete the temperature screen, unless they are hauling to a site that has a screener. All other drivers are still required to do both the pre-screening and the temperature screening when they get on site. Keep in mind, if a driver is hauling multiple loads during the day, they only need to do the pre-screen and temperature screen once.
A. If you are hauling through Ryder Logistics and the site is unmanned, then this activity may be considered fluid haul. The pre-screen is still required prior to coming out to site, and if you haul to a site with a Screener, a temperature screen will be done. When in doubt, visit the Central Screening site located at the Fox Creek airport and do a daily screening.
  • This question can either be removed, as we are no longer using paperwork. Or it can be updated to:
  • Screening is conducted using the SAS Screening Tool. In cases where the worker does not have access to a smart device, the screening is conducted by designated personnel either over the phone or at a designated screening center. For other paperwork such as permits, etc., a verbal acknowledgement is being used and documented by one person on site. This process has not been formalized and may vary from site to site.  
A. If the worker is onsite delivering fuel, and they are solo, they do not need to wear a mask. If the worker will have contact with others, or will enter the 2m social distancing exclusion zone, they will need to wear a mask. Currently the disposable surgical mask is the recommended product. If an N95 or KN95 mask is the only thing available, it is also acceptable.
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